Chemical Sensor Array

Opal-Detect | Chemical Sensor Array
Opal-Detect changes colour in response to environmental conditions. This colour change provides a visual indication of the existence of targeted chemicals, biochemicals, liquids or gases.

Opalux can tune the sensitivity and colour range of Opal-Detect to create this eye-catching visual detection. Opal-Detect also works without requiring any special lighting to see the colour change.

Learn more about how Opal-Detect can be used to fight COVID-19.

Colour-based detection

Potential Applications

In-package indication of food freshness

Water contamination (ie. Heavy Metals)

Analysis of industrial fluids (ie. Crude Oil)

Surface cleanliness and sanitization

Adulteration/ spiking of alcoholic beverages

Imagine changing the colour of (almost)
anything you want.