Chemical Sensor Array

Opal-Detect | Chemical Sensor Array
Opal-Detect provides eye-catching visual detection to keep you healthy and safe. This smart material can indicate food that has spoiled, toxins in water, or identify whether a surface has been cleaned properly.

Opalux can tune the sensitivity and colour range of Opal-Detect for a variety of chemicals in both liquids and gases. Opal-Detect does not require any special lighting or equipment to see the colour change, and could be tracked and analyzed using a simple smartphone app.

Learn more about how Opal-Detect can be used to fight the spread of diseases such as COVID-19.

Colour-based detection

Potential Applications

In-package indication of food freshness

Water contamination (ie. Heavy Metals)

Analysis of industrial fluids (ie. Crude Oil)

Surface cleanliness and sanitization

Adulteration or spiking of alcoholic beverages

Imagine changing the colour of (almost)
anything you want.