Opal-Detect | Chemical Sensor Array
Opal Detect provides dramatic colour-changes for design, and eye-catching detection to keep you healthy and safe.

Opal Detect is a versatile smart material that can respond with vivid colour changes to different liquids, gases, or surfaces in the environment. Opal Detect can be used to dramatically enhance the branding experience through interactive, colour-responsive packaging and graphic features on diverse product surfaces. This effect can be fully customized with colour selection, changing or hidden graphic content, and controllable transparency.

Opal Detect can be used as an easy colour-based indicator. It can indicate if food has spoiled, if there are toxins in water, or identify whether a surface has been cleaned properly. Opalux can tune the sensitivity, colour range, and time elapse reversion of Opal-Detect for a variety liquids and gases to fit your application.

Opal Detect can also be made using materials that are biodegradable, biobased, and non-toxic to help achieve your company’s sustainability goals. Opal-Detect does not require any special lighting or equipment to see the colour change, and can be tracked and analyzed using a simple smartphone app.

Colour-based detection

Potential Applications

In-package indication of food freshness

Water contamination (ie. Heavy Metals)

Enhanced branding experience – fun interactive packaging

Surface cleanliness and sanitization

Adulteration or spiking of alcoholic beverages

Product Videos

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