Colours Brought to Life

Chameleonix™ provides the next level of custom aesthetics for virtually any surface, and offers a new way for consumers to interact with and experience their products.

Chameleonix™ is an electrically-controlled, thin-film device that creates vivid colour-changing surfaces based on Opalux’s platform of tunable photonic crystals. This device is extremely thin and lightweight allowing it to be applied to almost any flexible or rigid surface. Chameleonix™ operates on a small electrical charge, and won’t significantly impact product battery life.

With customization becoming a priority for most technology users, controlling Chameleonix™ through an app allows users to create their own personal spectrum. Find out how you can enhance your company’s brand or design using Chameleonix™.

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Chameleonix Device


Thin & Lightweight

Scalable to All Sizes

Programmable & Customizable

Wirelessly Controlled

Low Power Consumption

Imagine changing the colour of (almost)
anything you want.