COVID-19 Response

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The spread of COVID-19 via surface contamination is an ongoing, urgent issue. Detection of surface contamination could help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, but it is often hard to tell if frequently used surfaces or protective equipment (face shields, transparent barriers) have been contaminated or are properly cleaned.

Opalux’s Opal-Detect technology can respond to the presence or absence of targeted substances to provide highly visible colour indicators. The technology is patent-protected, scalable, and economical.

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Potential Applications

Moisture Droplet Detection

Opal-Detect could identify the presence of small droplets exhaled by humans through a vivid change in colour. This effect can provide a clear visualization of contamination on critical surfaces such as face shields, and clear barriers. This solution could indicate even very small droplets (0.2 mm or greater), and would require visual inspection in ambient light to use.

Cleaning Agent Detection

Opal-Detect could indicate the presence of active sanitizer ingredients with specific colours. This can save time and effort sanitizing surfaces in public transit, dental clinics hospitals, and public venues. This solution requires no special light source, and could even indicate the amount of active sanitizer remaining on the surface.

Using its extensive know-how in Smart Materials, Opalux will fine tune and commercialize the Opal-Detect technology to produce a range of materials that will readily indicate the cleanliness or contamination of surfaces, the presence of viral materials such as COVID-19 or its carriers, or the presence and effectiveness of sanitizers used in their elimination.

The Opal-Detect technology is flexible, adaptable, and customizable. Opal-Detect can be incorporated into a thin-film such as a sticker or laminate, or as a smart pigment into a coating onto diverse types of surfaces.

Imagine changing the colour of (almost)
anything you want.