Personalized Colour

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OpalPrint offers a new and sustainable way to personalize your product with flair!

OpalPrint is a reflective film that can be patterned using heat to create colourful and intricate colour-shifting designs, images, and portraits. Unlike traditional printing processes, OpalPrint can be laser personalized right before your product ships out, minimizing costs while providing a novel and personalized touch.

OpalPrint is incredibly thin and lightweight, so it won’t impact the shape or weight of your product. This smart material can be adapted to fit your application and can be developed as a sticker, laminate or hot-stamping foil and can even be made to be recyclable when combined with plastic packaging. For other packaging, OpalPrint can be developed with biodegradable, biobased and non-toxic materials.

OpalPrint has previously been developed as a personalized security feature for passports called Opal-ID.

OpalPrint Personalization Transmission

Imagine changing the colour of (almost)
anything you want.