Transforming the way the world uses colour

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Our innovative and patented platform of stimulus-responsive coatings provides the next level of custom aesthetics for virtually any surface – from hand-held devices to home and office décor, and beyond.


Colour Transformation

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Opal-ID (formerly OpalPrint Polycarbonate), a personalized high security feature that combines the document holder’s portrait with a bright, attractive, optically variable, colour-shift image.

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Opal-Detect changes colour in response to environmental conditions. It can be deployed to identify contamination in water or to show the cleanliness of surfaces and protective equipment.

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Impact (formerly ElastInk), changes its appearance in response to the application of pressure. Impact can be produced in a wide variety of form factors depending on customer requirements.


Tunable Photonic Crystals

Opalux’s tunable photonic crystals are at the heart of all its technologies. Like the opal, a naturally occurring photonic crystal, Opalux’s materials have bright, unique chromatic appearances. Additionally, and unlike natural opal, Opalux’s photonic crystals are tunable so they can change their appearance in response to a range of stimuli. Their precise nanostructure can also make them optically variable – their appearance and colour changing when viewed at different angles and under different lighting conditions.

Stimuli Responsive Technology

Opalux’s photonic crystal are tunable and changes appearance in response to a variety of stimuli:

Electrical Activation

Chameleonix™ dramatically changes colour when exposed to electrical charge. It operates at a low voltage and is compatible with RFID and NFC.

Chemical Activation

Opal-Detect changes colour in response to environmental conditions. It can be activated by targeted chemicals, biochemicals, liquids or gases.

Laser Activation

Opal-ID is permanently patterned by laser energy. Opal-ID can be used to provide fully personalized colour-shifting images.

Mechanical Activation

Impact changes colour in response to pressure. This colour change can be permanent or reversible with customizable activation pressures.

Imagine changing the colour of (almost)
anything you want.