A New Dimension in Authentication

Opalux’s scientists have developed a wide range of attractive, customizable, counterfeit-resistant security features, which command attention and provide straightforward authentication. These features include interactive security features, individualized optically variable portraits, RFID-activated tags and chemical sensors.

Opalux’s security features are:

Hard to Duplicate

The security features are made using proprietary techniques developed by expert scientists and engineers

Easily Integrated

The security features are compatible with a variety of standard security printing production methods and materials.


The security features are available in a wide variety of appearances and performance characteristics


The security features are bright, stable and durable

About Opalux

Opalux is a global leader in advanced anti-counterfeiting security features. Its security features are based on a powerful new technology platform, developed by its scientists and engineers. This expertise has allowed Opalux to forge strong links and partnerships with leading security printers, suppliers, central banks and identity issuing authorities.

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Tunable Photonic Crystals

Opalux’s tunable photonic crystals are at the heart of all its security features. Like the opal, a naturally occurring photonic crystal, Opalux’s security features have bright, unique chromatic appearances. Also like the opal, Opalux’s security features have a precise nanostructure which makes them optically variable—their appearance changes when viewed at different angles and under different lighting conditions. For example, transitions between bright reds, yellows, greens and blues, or even ultraviolet and infrared, are possible as lighting and viewing angles change. Additionally, and unlike natural photonic crystals, Opalux’s photonic crystals are tunable, meaning that their appearance changes in response to a range of stimuli.

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Stimuli Responsive Security

In addition to their optical variability, Opalux’s photonic crystals are tunable and change appearance in response to a variety of stimuli. Opalux’s photonic crystals are tunable in response to:

Laser activation

OpalPrint is permanently patterned by the application of laser or heat. OpalPrint can be used to provide fully customized and personalized optically variable devices, like optically variable passport holder portraits.

Mechanical activation

Opalux’s ElastInk materials change appearance in response to the application of pressure. The pressure threshold, duration of activation and other aspects can all be customized.

RFID Activation

Chameleonix (formerly Photonic Ink) dramatically changes appearance when exposed to RFID or other sources of electrical charge.

Chemical Activation

Opalux’s Photonic Nose authenticates products quickly, reliably and inexpensively by changing appearance in response to a variety of chemicals.


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