Tunable Photonic Crystal Technology

The Color of Innovation

 Photonic color is inspired by Nature as exemplified by iridescent butterflies and gemstone opals, whose brilliant colors come not from any dye or pigment.  Instead, honeycomb like nanostructures called photonic crystals diffract and reflect specific wavelengths perceived as color by the human eye.

As the nanostructure of photonic crystals changes, so does its brilliant color.  Opalux makes the color of previously static photonic crystals completely tunable. Bright colors can be changed by a wide variety of stimuli whether electrical, physical, chemical or environmental, through passive detection or on command.

By harnessing the unique characteristics of photonic crystals, Opalux has invented a new photonic color technology that outperforms other sources in terms of brightness, resolution, flexibility, stability, economy and sustainability.

Benefits of Photonic Color

  • Low cost, made from readily available materials using a roll-to-roll printing process
  • Easily integrated into your products and process
  • Tunable on command or by specified stimulus
  • Bright, stable and durable


Opalux technology generates photonic color via various stimuli:

Electrical ActivationMechanical Activation
Chemical Activation

Opalux is a global leader in photonic color technology research and development. The company’s mission is to accelerate the commercialization of new technologies and applications based on the exciting platform of photonic color. Opalux works directly with industry-leading companies in a process of open innovation to collaboratively create the next generation of photonic color technology applications.