Prismalux Security Pigment

Opalux is pleased to announce the development of Prismalux, Opalux’s new colour-shifting security pigment with post-print patterning.  Prismalux is distinct from other colour-shifting pigments because it can be patterned after it has been printed on a substrate.  This post-print patterning creates multi-colour, colour-shifting features with perfect registration.  As a result, Prismalux opens a range of exciting possibilities for mass patterning and individualized personalization.  More details on Prismalux can be found in this summary.

Opalux is currently looking for development partners for Prismalux.  Experienced ink formulators, security ink sellers, potential initial customers and other interested parties are invited to contact Opalux at

Like Opalux’s other products, Prismalux employs Opalux’s deep expertise in tunable photonic crystals.  Prismalux is protected by several Opalux patents, including the recently granted patent titled “Tunable Photonic Crystal Composition” (US Patent No. 9,096,764, EP Patent No. 2,303,974 ) and the patent titled “Tunable Bragg Stack” (US Patent No.8,861,072).

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