PC ID-Lock Laser Engraving Demo

The video below shows two views of a single sample of Opalux’s PC ID-Lock being laser engraved, at the standard polycarbonate engraving wavelength.

Embedded inside a polycarbonate identification document, PC ID-Lock’s bright, patterned, colour-shifting optical variability (shown in the right frame of this video) protects laser engraved personalized information from surface attack. At the same time, PC ID-Lock is highly transparent at most angles (shown in the left frame of this video), and so permits easy viewing of the protected information. PC ID-Lock’s multi-colour, colour-shifting patterns are brighter than traditional embedded polycarbonate OVDs.

Additionally, PC-ID Lock is fully transparent to standard polycarbonate engraving lasers, meaning that personalized information can be engraved through the PC ID-Lock into the underlying polycarbonate. Finally, PC ID-Lock does not require holographic origination, so it is possible to create variation between patches, including unique serial numbers and patterns, which are themselves optically variable (as opposed to simply laser ablated.)

More information on PC ID Lock is available in this information sheet.

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