Updated OpalPrint Polycarbonate Video

Opalux has released a new video demonstrating OpalPrint Polycarbonate’s capabilities (below). OpalPrint Polycarbonate is a personalized, colour-shifting security feature that deters photo substitution. By addressing photo substitution, the leading counterfeiting threat for identification documents, OpalPrint Polycarbonate makes it easier for governments and others to verify an identity.

OpalPrint Polycarbonate is embedded inside a polycarbonate document using industry standard hot stamping and polycarbonate lamination equipment. During the personalization process, OpalPrint Polycarbonate is laser personalized with the polycarbonate personalization laser.

With OpalPrint Polycarbonate a document inspector can easily verify, without tools, that the document portrait has not been compromised or altered. To accomplish this, the inspector matches the OpalPrint Polycarbonate portrait against the bearer’s face (or the primary portrait) and then checks the OpalPrint Polycarbonate for a colour-shift.

More information on OpalPrint Polycarbonate can be found in this summary sheet.

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