Opalux joins DSA and invited to ICAO NTWG

Opalux was recently approved as a member of the Document Security Alliance (DSA). Based in Washington D.C., the DSA brings together government and private industry to identify methods of improving security documents and to combat fraud and other illegal activities. The group develops recommendations to appropriate federal and state government agencies to improve document security. For more information on the DSA please visit www.documentsecurityalliance.org.

In addition, Opalux has been invited to attend the next meeting of International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) New Technologies Working Group (NTWG). Opalux will present OpalPrint Polycarbonate, its personalized, colour-shifting security feature that combats photo substitution to the NTWG in April 2017. The ICAO is the United Nations agency responsible for setting specifications for travel documents like passports. For more information on OpalPrint Polycarbonate, please see our website. For more information on the ICAO please see www.icao.int

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