OpalPrint Polycarbonate

Opalux has developed OpalPrint Polycarbonate, an embedded polycarbonate feature that provides high-resolution, colour-shifting portraits inside polycarbonate identification documents.

The video below illustrates the process for embedding personalized security in polycarbonate documents using OpalPrint Polycarbonate. First, a blank patch of OpalPrint Polycarbonate is laminated inside a polycarbonate identification document. Second, following polycarbonate lamination, the embedded OpalPrint Polycarbonate is personalized with a laser to show a user’s portrait (or other personalized information). The resulting portrait shows a multi-colour colour-shift upon tilting.

OpalPrint Polycarbonate is compatible with standard polycarbonate lamination and personalization equipment. Building on its expertise manufacturing tunable photonic crystals for high security printing, Opalux has the capability to produce OpalPrint Polycarbonate at commercial scales. If you would like to find out more or are interested in partnering with Opalux to support product optimization, testing or marketing, please contact Andrew Binkley, Opalux’s CEO at andrew.binkley@opalux.com.

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