OpalPrint Polycarbonate featured on SecurityDocumentWorld.com

OpalPrint Polycarbonate, Opalux’s personalized security feature for polycarbonate passports and identification cards is now featured on SecurityDocumentWorld.com. The website quotes Opalux CEO Andrew Binkley’s explanation that “In addition to enabling high-resolution, colour-shifting portraits that are compatible with decentralized polycarbonate document issuance systems, OpalPrint Polycarbonate can be customized to particular customers’ needs.”

The article can be found here. A recent article on OpalPrint Polycarbonate can also be found in Authentication News. A video of OpalPrint Polycarbonate in action can be found here.

Building on its expertise manufacturing tunable photonic crystals for high security printing, Opalux has the capability to produce OpalPrint Polycarbonate at commercial scales. If you would like to find out more or are interested in partnering with Opalux to support product optimization, testing or marketing, please contact Andrew Binkley, Opalux’s CEO at andrew.binkley@opalux.com.

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