OpalPrint and Prismalux featured in Authentication News


OpalPrint and Prismalux, two of Opalux’s personalized security features for passports and identification cards, are featured in the October 2016 edition of Authentication News.  These customizable photonic colour technologies enable personalized security by combining information unique to individual document holders with the security of multicolour colour-shifting features.

More information on OpalPrint and Prismalux can be found in Authentication News.

OpalPrint Polycarbonate, a variant of OpalPrint, was also featured in the July edition of Authentication News. OpalPrint Polycarbonate is a personalized high security feature for passports and other government-issued identification documents which combines the document holder’s portrait with a bright, attractive, optically variable, colour-shift image to combat counterfeiting and fraudulent alteration. Embedded inside a polycarbonate document, it is personalized using industry-standard laser personalization equipment.

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